Kometos OY

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Kometos Oy

Comprehensive solutions for arctic production and processing operations.
Kometos Oy provides modular food production facilities designed for special conditions, thawing modules, tray handling- and dosing lines;
installed and based on the turn-key principle.
Our turn-key deliveries include everything that is necessary – from the test use of production lines and equipment
to production process training and usage instructions.

Our company is established in 1991 it has its head office in Kauhajoki, Finland in the heart of Southern Ostrobothnia.
In addition to a strong market position in Finland, the Baltic countries and Russia.
Kometos serves through its retail network a diverse customers in Central Europe.
Exports account for 85–90 percent of Kometos Oy’s production.

Kometos OY
Keskustie 23
FI-61850 Kauhajoki
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