Emballagegruppen A/S

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Emballagegruppen A / S is one of the most versatile packaging companies in Northern Europe. It consists of a production location that produces carton packaging and printed matter, and Dan Labels, which is the company’s label and foil production. The company offers a wide range of products, and are supplier in carton packaging, printed matter, labels and flexible foils for the food industry.

Emballagegruppen has more than 100 years of experience in carton packaging and printing.

Emballagegruppen invested in an efficient and innovative machine park in 2013, with digital production. The company has Northern Europe’s only inline cold foil system that can produce beautiful and luxurious promotional premium packaging. All of this has made Emballagegruppen one of Northern Europe’s most competent and versatile packaging companies.

Emballagegruppen is among others specialists in industrial packaging, pharma, food, environmentally friendly cardboard trays for cakes, pies, ready meals and bake off as well as carton trays for fruit and vegetables.

Dan Labels & Flexible Division are experts in the production and development of labels and flexible foils for all product types

Dan Labels produces labels and flexible foils on highly advanced flexographic and digital printing machines. The company has established a separate area, with increased hygiene and climate control, to ensure the highest level of hygiene and safety in connection with the printing of materials suitable for direct food contact.

Dan Labels continuously conducts migration tests of the foil composition of their foils for direct food contact. This is among other things to ensure the composition, taste and smell of the food.

Emballagegruppen A/S
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