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Megaplast is a world Leader in the production of vented & reinforced stretch films in the area of innovative flexible packaging. The company has two major focus areas: Vented stretch films (AirOfilm) & Fiber Reinforced stretch films (Fiber Film). Megaplast offers high performance products with a long standing commitment to Research & Development. All products are Patented & 100% Recyclable.

Fiber Film
An innovative high-efficient stretch film with reinforcement elements (fibers) that prevent tearing whilst delivering significant film weight & cost per pallet savings. Fiber Film is applied to pallet wrapping of various load types and is suitable from hand wrapping to fully automatic wrapping machines. User friendly for manual use while adding more value to the highest performance stretch wrappers; also with perfect optics and 100% recyclability. An unstoppable worry-free performance stretch film with zero breakages during wrapping process. Fiber Film product family is protected through International Patents.

A high-performance breathable stretch film perfect with products that need aeration, are heated, chilled, breathable, wet and fumigated, AOF product family solve problems of condensation or moisture satisfying customers’ requirements in some of the most demanding conditions imaginable. AOF products are applied to pallet wrapping of various load types for Machine & Manual applications while they serve a wide range of markets: Food & Beverages, Pet Food, Dairy Products, Fuels, Agricultural & Floricultural products, Horticultural, Pharmaceuticals. Patented products & 100% Recyclable.

Megaplast UK
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