Ronair Drying Solutions

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Almeco is a reliable partner for industrial fans, drying systems and cooling towers.
We specialize in drying solutions based on air knife technology to suit client specific requirements. Engineering and design are done with constant striving for safety and quality improvement. Moreover, we provide service and maintenance on existing products.

The engineering solutions of our RONAIR® range and ACI systems remove drops of water from packaging materials in the most efficient way, combining the advantages of air blades and the technology of slotted drying plates.

We make drying solutions for all kinds of industrial applications or ingenious dryers for the food industry. This includes products that come out of an autoclave, such as prepared meals, aluminum trays with dog food, etc. Moisture can be a problem for labeling, condensation and mold, and for visual quality control.

Advantages of Ronair:
– Low-noise design
– Easy to maintain
– Quickly adjustable
– Easy integration in existing production lines
– Adaptable to your specific needs and requirements
– Energy efficient

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Ronair Drying Solutions
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