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KOLBUS GmbH & Co. KG, headquartered in Rahden, Westphalia, in northern Germany, is proud of a long tradition of engineering excellence. The company, with around 800 employees, develops, engineers and builds special-purpose machinery. Founded in 1775, KOLBUS has been supplying paper processing machinery since 1900. The company built a world reputation for its highly automated bindery machines.

Today, the KOLBUS Special Machinery business unit engineers machinery and systems for the production of book cases and packaging made from paper and cardboard, with a special focus on high-end packaging for luxury brands.

Central to the operations of the Component Engineering business unit is the KOLBUS foundry with a tradition of excellence going back almost 150 years. This business unit produces components for a number of market-leading companies in German-speaking countries. Apart from the main plant in Rahden, KOLBUS also operates production plants near Leipzig/Germany and in Kalamazoo/Michigan.

Highly automated casing systems from KOLBUS are in action around the world – engineered for many different applications, from inline production of files to industrial-scale production of high-end packaging. They are widely recognised as cost-competitive, high-performance systems for processing sustainable materials, in this case paper and cardboard. The company’s fully automated production lines for luxury packaging are an innovative, future-oriented approach to producing exquisite packaging solutions from sustainable materials.

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