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Beardow Adams is a world-leading Adhesive company.

Since 1977, we’ve gained a reputation for developing quality assured adhesives. We have built our success upon a commitment to innovation, solving customer problems and truly exceptional service. Today, our adhesives are trusted by more than 20,000 respected companies across a variety of applications in packaging, labelling, woodworking, product assembly, bookbinding and converting industry applications.

We’re extremely proud to be regarded as a proactive multinational adhesive manufacturer. Our 6 global production facilities are equipped with the very latest technology whilst our HQ in Milton Keynes,UK is home to Europe’s largest hot melt adhesive plant and our pioneering BAMFutura® product range. These products continually extend existing capabilities to enhance our customers’ working environments, improve efficiencies and reduce costs.

Beardow Adams AB
Box 354
261 23 Landskrona
+46 418 395100
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