Ehcolo A/S

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Ehcolo A/S from Denmark have many references in supplying complete bagging- palletising- wrapping/hood stretching lines. See the unique T2 type FFS bagging machine at our booth.
EHCOLO is specialized in designing and manufacturing different types of palletisers, which offers the best technical and economical solutions to the automatic bag and box handling industry. As the first palletisers in the world, all motors are servo controlled and included is an energy recovery system, which collects all braking energy, resulting in a power saving of 15 – 20% compared to all other palletisers. Internet access to control. We are also supplying robot palletising systems.

For proof of our quality, we offer standard 2 years warranty.

The EHCOLO palletisers are being exported worldwide since 25 years.

Turnkey packing lines since 10 years, many references worldwide.

If you want to have a nice time, come and visit us.

Ehcolo A/S
Smedevej 10
DK-6683 Fövling
+45 75398411