Thrace Polybulk AS

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Thrace Polybulk is the global frontrunner in logistical solutions based on FIBC
technology, designing, developing and manufacturing advanced industrial bulk
packaging products since the early 1970’s.
Thrace Polybulk offers a complete range of packaging solutions within the big-bag segment. Products are
based on polypropylene and polyethylene (PP/PE) plastic materials and include bags and equipment for filling,
handling, storing and protecting the packed products. Operating from our head office in Brevik, Norway,
Thrace Polybulk is a global organisation, serving customers in Northern and Western Europe, North and South
America and Asia.
Thrace Polybulk is a part of the Thrace Group with its corporate headquarters in Athens, Greece. The Thrace Group
is a global leader, which specialises in the production of PP/PE-plastic based products, in the fields of industrial
packaging, consumer packaging and technical fabrics, with production facilities across Europe and in the USA.

Thrace Polybulk AS
Postboks 74
3991 Brevik
+47 35572930


Förpackningar, förpackningsmaterial och förpackningshjälpmedel

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