• torsdag / 25 oktober / 2018
  • 15:00-16:30
  • Scen Speakers Stage



Welcome words and Packbridge presentation

Scanpack and Svetlana Eskebaek, Packbridge



A presentation about the fempack network by members of the steering group.

  • Zsófia Réger – Axfood
  • Helena Lindh – Tetra Pak
  • Sara Bergendorff – Returpack/Pantamera



How gender equality can increase competitive advantages in the packaging industry

Nina Kask, Up is Down AB


Gender equality unleashes a range of positive financial and development outcomes. Gender equality is at the same time an essential part of sustainable development. Learn how to use gender equality as a tool for business development and how it can be used as a key for companies to be a competitive business partner and employer.

Nina Kask is the founder of Up is Down AB. She works as a consultant helping businesses in various industries implementing gender equality and diversity as tools for business development and social sustainability. Nina also has a profound background within the packaging industry as innovation manager.



Gender diversity – why and how?

Irja Berntson, Fabrik 5



From Hashtag to Action

Paula Sundqvist, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences



Mingel & champagne

Sara Bergendorff Returpack/Pantamera
Irja Berntsson Fabrik 5
Nina Kask Up is Down AB
Helena Lind Tetra Pak

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