The most sustainable packaging is not always what you think

  • tisdag / 23 oktober / 2018
  • 14:20-14:35
  • Scen Superbrandscenen


It’s crucial to see the whole picture. Wrong decisions can be taken by looking with a narrowed field of vision at short-term benefits and one-shot technological horizons. It’s about consumer and business dilemmas regarding packaging and its whole impact in the value and supply chains. The war against plastic was lost with consumers a long time ago, and the good question is why? it seems to be too late for food and food services items but what are the consequences for all segments? Jocelyne will look at questions such as.

· Is it sustainable to remove all plastic packaging in the food & beverage segment?
· Could the pharma & medical products be efficient and healthy for people without plastic?
· Should we avoid plastic in transport packaging for e-commerce?
· How to make the right decision about packaging choice?
· How to make the right decision about packaging choice?

Dr Jocelyne Ehret Packaging strategist

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