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Pack-Engineering ApS have been a steady provider of packing solution to the industry all over Europe for years now. We provide solutions to the pharma, healthcare, cosmetic or food industry, when the need is production lines or units for Tablet counting-, liquid filling-, automatic placement machines and packaging solutions.

Our focus and main driver in our day-to-day operation of Pack-Engineering ApS, is to provide you, our clients with a unique return on investment opportunity (ROI), not provided by any of our competitors.

We provide this advantage to our clients, by knowing the world market for packaging solutions, combined with our unique knowledge of production equipment from the Asian territory.
Everybody know the Asian region as the “workshop of the world” and with good reason. A large percentage of any goods produced in the world are originating from this area. The Asians know how to do good business, and their production facilities and equipment sometimes bypasses the European or US manufactured machines on quality and price, flexibility and running cost.

We provide our clients with a long and deep understanding of the specialised area, and we can assist you in how to get the best possible solution for Tablet counting-, liquid filling-, automatic placement machines and packaging solutions.

ROI is king!
Our clients, they prefer a good ROI when purchasing new production lines, or units. Thy benefit from low running cost, ease of use, and swift transitions to new productions. They want production site service crews to be as small as the can possibly get.

Service & maintenance
To assist you in keeping your production running at all times, and with a minimal amount of cost, we have the PE pack-service department for your comfort, when we have installed and configured your machine or production line.

Pack-Engineering Aps
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