WRH Global Nordic A/S

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WRH Global Nordic represent Ferag & Denipro from Switzerland; both are leading manufacturer of ILO equipment – producing conveyor, sorter system + other transport system to be used within manufacturing industry in food – pharma – Automobile, E – Commerce, etc. Hereto we also provide other type of ”End of Line” solutions & machinery; such as: SMB – strap machines; Pieri – palet wrapping machines ; Indus – BigBag pallet handle equipment + relevant consumables for both graphic & non graphic industry. Please drop by booth F03:20 to have a talk with us how we can help your organisation.. by the way; we operate worldwide through the network of WRH Global companies.

WRH Global Nordic A/S
Lundtoftegårdsvej 95, 1. sal
2800 Kongens Lyngby
+45 60 13 38 20
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